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Bobby Bruce's tribute celebrates the vibrant and exciting times of Neil Diamond’s early days. Focusing on Diamond's rise to fame from the mid sixties to his historic 1980 Jazz Singer album; Bobby evokes the excitement of a living legend in his heyday.  For two decades, Bobby’s genuine respect for the music and heartfelt connection with the audience; coupled with his engaging stage presence and stunning vocal delivery have kept him in a league of his own.
Nearly Neil and the Aussie Band with 4 Piece String Section at Twin Towns, Tweed Heads, QLD, Australia

Nearly Neil is a professional international touring act that works year round.  Venues include casinos, theatres, nightclubs, showrooms, lounges, pubs, cruise ships even stadiums.


Since breaking out as a headlining tribute act, Bobby's Nearly Neil show has toured extensively. More than a dozen tours to Malaysia, numerous returns to the Cayman Islands, over 40 theatres throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, ongoing annual touring in every state and territory of Australia in addition to nationwide tours of the USA and Canada.


Nearly Neil has multi generational appeal.  Diamond's incredible body of work stretches almost 50 years with most of his hits in the glory days of the Boomers, ingrained in the psyche of Gen-X'ers through their parents and due to movies and baseball re-inspiring past hits even Millennials can sing along.

Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band at the Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band is an entirely live musical tribute to Neil Diamond. Everyone on stage is performing live and there are no pre recorded additions.  Bobby is singing live, he is not lipsyncing nor is he singing along with a Neil Diamond recording.


Based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada as well as Sydney, Australia.  Bobby's Nearly Neil tribute is available in a few formats please click on the "Show Formats" button for further information.

Bobby Bruce as Nearly Neil Live at the Goudse Schowburg

Over the past two decades Nearly Neil has proudly performed for every type of audience, soft seat theatres, dances, corporate events, charity fundraisers, grand openings, bar mitzvahs, weddings, house parties and even for royalty.


We are always interested in expanding our horizons.  If you are interested in booking a show; please click the "Book A Show" button for further information.

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