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Band Photo Onstage Almelo, the Netherlands
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and the
Solitary Band

Originally formed in 1997, the Solitary Band is currently comprised of Kyle Radomsky (Drums), Marlow Holder (Bass), Sandra Lee (Vocals), Jeremy Scott (Guitar) and Jen Lewin (Keys).  The "Home Team" tour across the US and Canada as well as to New Zealand, Malaysia, the Cayman Islands and most recently to Europe throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. 


In addition to crafting all the Neil Diamond classics, the Solitary Band are the seasoned all-stars that make Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band "Much More than a Tribute to Neil Diamond".  Either intermingled within the Nearly Neil show - they way they've been rocked the Hard Rock and River Rock Casinos  in Vancouver for as the house band for more than a decade - or in addition as a dance set, the Solitary Band cover some of today's and yesterday's favourite dance tunes; allowing the Solitary Band to offer a completely tailored performance to suit every event, corporate or public.

"Holly Holy" - Casino Regina 2017

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Corporate Event

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Bobby Bruce's Beautiful Noise Tour Poster
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"Down Under"

First touring Australia in 1996, Bobby reunited with his former Musical Director, Dale Genner, in 2008 beginning a new touring partnership with DownUnder Promotions.


Now, with more than a dozen returns the DownUnder partnership continues to grow.


Back to back nominations for Best International Touring Artist as well as performances in every state, pairings with Cher, Stewart and Streisand tributes as well as additions of string sections to the fully charted Diamond repertoire. 

"Beautiful Noise" - Evan Theatre, Sydney, Australia

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Classically Diamond - Nearly Neil with Piano and String Quartet

Classically Diamond Hands Up

"Bobby Bruce continues to stretch the meaning of tribute band."

- Tom Harrison, Vancouver Sun

Playing guitar and accompanied purely by piano and string quartet, Bobby beguiles with his delicious rich baritone and emotive retelling of Diamonds' classics. Suited best to studio and mainstage theatres and classical concert halls this remarkable performance is in a class of its own; sure to please the most well-heeled and discerning clientele.

Classically Diamond Promo Video

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Solo Show at Sawbuck's Pub

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Solo Show
Bobby Bruce as Nearly Neil

Not every venue is suited to a band, so Bobby has developed his own solo or "reduced footprint" show.  Appearing in pubs and clubs, at corporate and private functions, Bobby is able to convey the emotion of a band show all on his own.  Accompanied by live recording of his own bands (the Solitary Band and the Down Under Players) Bobby plays guitar and sings live.  The result is an initimate evening of Neil Diamond music suited to almost any space.

Nearly Neil Trio Logo
New Year's Eve, Nearly Neil onstage

Recently created to meet popular demand, the Nearly Neil Trio show is the "perfect fit" when you'd like to book the Solitary Band but space or budget constraints put it out of reach. Desiring a live feel?  The Trio show brings more of the music to life. Configurable to suit the occasion the Trio show features live musicians and vocals joining Bobby on stage.

“Neil Diamond had better be wary if he ever comes to town. Bobby Bruce is a hard act to follow. The Canadian impersonator not only mimics the great Neil Diamond to a tee but also implants some of his own pizzazz and style, a combination so clever and disarming that it brought the house down. Bruce, in rhine-stoned dress trousers, and a white, beaded fringe shirt, achieves the essence of Diamond’s raspy stridency in such favourites as Solitary Man, Cracklin’ Rosie, and I Am I Said. But it is the passion and energy of his performance, his connection with the audience and his infectious warmth which sets him in a league of his own.”

- Samela Harris, Adelaide Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia (September 24, 1996)

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