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RECENT Live Shows


Dutch Tour FB Covers (851 × 315 px).png
Sechelt Legion Facebook Event Cover.png
Theater de Purmaryn Okt 12.png
Theater de Leest Okt 13.png
Theater de Tamboer Okt 14.png
Theater Agora, Okt 15.png
Theater Rex, Okt 18.png
Theater de Lampegiet, Okt 19.png
CCXL Theater, Okt 20.png
Theater Hotel Almelo, Okt 21.png
September 24 Sawbucks.png
NEARLY NEIL Hot August Nights.png
Pars and Guitars.png
Commotion 2022 (Letter) (11 × 8.5 in) Boat with NN.png
July 22 Nearly Neil.png
Legends Neil.jpg
Oceana Parc Nearly Neil 2.png
WCWS With the SB.png
May 29 Event Cover.png
Saturday, May 14 SOLD OUT.png
Eagles Aerie #2726 sold out.png
White Hart Pub.png
Rusty's Pub March 26.png
Casino Regina.png
Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band Cugnet Centre Weyburn, SK.png
My Pub Oct 23.png

Rusty's Pub, September 25

Rusty's Pub.png

P.N.E. - August 21, 22, 24 & 25, 2021

Harmony Arts Festival 2021 - Aug 4

Commotion on the Ocean - July 31, 21

west Bay.png
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