Nearly Neil Videos

Promo Video

Nearly Neil and the Solitary Band

All live footage from Vancouver, Canada 2002

Sydney, Australia 2008 & 2014.

Vocals with Grand Piano and String Quartet

Classically Diamond

Recorded live at Blue Frog Studios

White Rock, BC, September 1, 2016

"Sweet Caroline"

Bobby Bruce as Nearly Neil

Studio 10 Live to Air TV Appearance

Sydney, Australia, 2015

"Prologue & Crunchy Granola Suite"

Nearly Neil & the Aussie Band

 & String Section

Evan Theatre, Sydney, Australia

"I Am I Said"

Nearly Neil & the Solitary Band

Live @ de Stoep

Spijkenisse, the Netherlands

"If You Know What I Mean"
Nearly Neil and the Aussie Band
Bobby Bruce - Live in Australia

"Beautiful Noise"

Nearly Neil with the Aussie Band

and String Section

Live in Australia

"Sweet Caroline"

Nearly Neil and the Ontario Band

Live Concert, August 5, 2015 

Peterborough MusicFest (8,500 audience)

Pharmasave Convention 2014

Bobby Bruce as Nearly Neil

with the Solitary Band

TV Limburg (The Netherlands)

Bobby Bruce as Nearly Neil

with the Solitary Band

In Dutch.  Start segment at 11:40

"Lady Oh"

Live Rehearsal with strings in living room, Sydney, Australia, December 2013